“For Colored Girls” Open Discussion, All welcome: 11/30

Please join us for a thoughtful conversation among sisters, of all backgrounds, about this soul-stirring movie.  I was sitting there watching the movie with my eyes glued to the screen…sometimes tearful, sometimes joyful and sometimes traumatized…but always seeing parts of my own story.  There may be varying opinions about the cinematography but the heart wrenching, gritty truths of these sisters is undeniable, in my opinion.  Haven’t you seen one of these women before?  Or maybe you are like me in that each character tells a piece of my story. 

Immediately upon seeing the movie, I knew that I wanted to share my thoughts and feelings with other women and, more importantly, hear your thoughts and feelings.  I had seen the play many, many years ago like a lot of people, so I expected a lot of it.  I expected the heart of the play to be respected.  I needed that because I saw the play shortly after reconciling my own suicide attempt.  I saw the play when I needed the play.  So here comes this movie…and, again, I expected a lot. 

So join us and let’s talk in room full of women of like and different minds.  Bring your diversity of thoughts, your intensity of emotion and an open mind to hear how others have been moved by the movie.

“For Colored Girls” Discussion

For Colored Girls-TylerWhether you like the movie or not…everyone is welcome to share.  Many people saw the movie with friends and had those conversations privately, but now let’s talk as a community.

(Light refreshments served)

Event Info
Little 5 Points Community Center, Suite 108
1083 Austin Ave.
Atlanta, GA 30307
Tuesday, November 30th

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