PEACE REVOLUTION: Healing the Pandemic of Violence Against Women

peacePEACE REVOLUTION: Healing the Pandemic of Violence Against Women —Questions, Solutions, & Accountability

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Event date: Thursday, April 14th @ 6:30pm

Type of Event: Panel Discussion Purpose: To create awareness around the global issues of violence against women and how it impacts women in America. To raise community consciousness about the need for accountability and activism in order to end violence against women. To provide the community with an opportunity to hear about the issues of violence, from a diverse panel of women activists. Location & Time: Little 5 Points Community Center, Café 1083 Austin Ave., Atlanta, GA 30307 Entrance


Event Chair: Imani Evans, or 404.944-6409

Event Co-Chair: Shemeah Richardson,, 404.944.6409

Refreshment Sponsors: Unity Fellowship of Atlanta, Women’s Ministry



Mary Anne Adam, MSW
Zami, Inc.


Joan Baptist, Station Manager
WRFG Radio 89.3
Lauren Zink
Hollaback Atlanta
Loretta Ross, National Coordinator
Sister Song, Inc.
Tracee McDaniel, Founder/President
Juxtaposed Center for Transformation
Amita Rao
Outreach Coordinator
Raksha, Inc.

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