The Prison Elimination Act (PREA)

Families and Friends, as many of you know, adult prisons and juvenile facilities are plagued with sexual assaults and dangerous living conditions.  If your loved one hasn’t been attacked then they likely live in fear of being attacked. Since the beginning of prisons in this country the threat has existed. Today, we have the opportunity to change this for the millions in cages around this country.  Whether you have a loved one locked up or not, we ask you to join us by signing onto to our letter of recommendations as soon as possible.

The Prison Rape Elimination Act is the first opportunity for substantial change to prisons and juvenile facilities in our lifetimes. The Campaign has created a sign on letter of recommendations to the commission. It only takes a minute to sign on and we are seeking at least 500 signatures by Friday morning. This issue is very personal to me and I ask that you sign and send it to your friends, church groups, reading clubs, family, anyone who you think would take the minute or so to do it. Having the 500 signatures shows that people across the country believe that being in prison is the punishment, people should not be violated and raped in addition. Help us to end this culture inside prisons and juvenile facilities today!

To sign on, just send me ( a quick email with your name, state and how you would like to be identified (mother, friend, advocate, concerned citizen, etc) and copy Justin Baker at Just say, “Sign me on!”

In Solidarity,

Grace Grace Bauer, Field Organizer Campaign For Youth Justice
1012 14th Street, NW, Suite 610
Washington, DC 20005
Phone: 202.558.3580 ext 29
Cell: 443-418-5201 Fax: 202.386.9807


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