October 6 – CONFRONTING “EVERYDAY” VIOLENCE…What do we do with the pain?

We are proud to have licensed clinical social worker and Soul Doula, Vanessa Jackson Joining us for this critical discussion on Confronting Everyday Violence. She will open up the conversation with a brief talk about power dynamics and power wounds…Where do the come from? How do we heal them? We, at Women Healing Women, believe that violence is an attack of the mind body and soul. Learning the ways in which it affects us on all levels, discovering how we survive & thrive against the odds, and identifying how to use our strength to empower others are indeed gateways to the restoration of power, individually and communally! Reclaim YOUR power and join us on October 6th. Nya Akoma!


Vanessa JacksonI am an activist with a passion for women’s health and community building. This interest led me to pursue a masters degree in social work with a focus on women’s issues and social and economic development at Washington University, George Warren Brown School of Social Work. Over the years, I embarked on my own spiritual journey which allowed me to honor many spiritual traditions and to be present for others who are trying to live spirit-centered lives in a world which does not always honor the spiritual life. As I negotiated the inevitable crises in my own life, I noticed that I found it most helpful and healing to take integrated approach that explored the emotional, intellectual, spiritual and community aspects of my “problems”. Over time, it made sense for me to offer this perspective to individuals and families who came to me for consultation. I sought additional training in reiki, energy healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), crystal healing and aromatherapy to add to my clinical training in family systems, narrative therapy and power dynamics. I was once asked about my “theoretical orientation” and my heart-centered response was “My theoretical orientation is magic. It is my goal to fully express the magic in me and to invite out the magic in you!”

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