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Imani Evans, MA

President & CEO


“Violence is an experience not an identity” says Imani Evans, which is the founding principle on which she started Women Healing Women, Inc.  She has spent many years motivating others to creatively transform their lives.  She is a dynamic speaker, who captivates her audience with passion and humor.  As a professional counselor and life coach, Imani teaches her clients to live the life of their dreams.

Imani is currently pursuing a doctorate in Counseling Education & Supervision, and she holds a Bachelors and Masters degree in Counseling Psychology.  She has been a social change agent for more than 23 years, working with several non-profit agencies throughout Atlanta, New Jersey and New York. Evans received Special Congressional Recognition as director of a national breast and cervical cancer awareness program (1996).  She is also the recipient of the Community Award for community leadership and activism from Unity Fellowship of Christ Church (2006) and the Unsung Hero award from Zami (2008). She has facilitated workshops across the country for such organizations as: Infinity Diamond, 100 Black Men, Newark Day Center, Miss Teen Plus Scholarship, YWCA, TEDCO Lincoln House, Blue Cross & Blue Shield, National Black Women’s Health Project, MELD Program for Girls, and Dance to a Different Drum and many, many more.

Imani is both a performance artist and healer, combining her talents to create an amazing atmosphere for transformation and empowerment.

Evans was trained in the cognitive-behavioral approach to counseling. However with own spiritual growth, her style has become far more eclectic and holistic. Over the years, Imani has helped many individuals manifest their dreams beyond perceived limitations. Now she uses her unique combination of creativity and psychology as a vehicle for holistic healing, and self-mastery.  She is the author of Today is the Miracle: A 30-Day Guide for Overcoming Challenges & Creating Miracles.

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