Masculinity Misunderstood: A Community Conversation

This event is presented in recognition of Women’s Herstory Month. It is a Women Healing Women Event offered in collaboration with Unity Fellowship Church of Greater Atlanta.

Masculinity Misunderstood



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The Self-Defense Workshop was unforgettable and very informative!

This was an amazing Self Defense Workshop for women-only, being offered by Women Healing Women in collaboration with the Little 5 Points Center for Arts & Community.

The workshop was for women only. Every woman needs this information. Much of the workshop was dedicated to assault avoidance, but it also included hands-on practice. It was facilitated by national defense expert Nathan Nowak. Nathan is the whole package. He presents with a wonderful balance of humor, compassion and a determination to empower women to greater safety. We will be working with him again in the future. The video includes pictures, video clips, and video testimonials. Stay tuned for the next one.

Be sure you are on our mailing list:

To Contact Nathan:

Nathan J. Nowak
President, CEO
Professional Training Systems, Inc.
Trinity Fitness

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Self-Defense Workshop for Women Only – OCTOBER 16, 2014

Presented in collaboration with
Women Healing Women & L5PCAC


In recognition of Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we are offering a series of wonderful programs. This amazing seminar will be presented by national fitness expert, trainer and speaker, Nathan Nowak of Professional Training Systems, Inc.

**According to statistics, a woman who is only 21 years of age has a 25 percent risk of suffering violent crime in her life.
*1 in 6 girls will become a victim of rape or attempted rape by age 18.
*Learn vital tips and techniques to protect yourself
Reclaim Your Power  Feel Empowered!

Bring a friend and/or your daughter and come increase your personal protection awareness. Wear comfortable clothing…be prepared to have fun, learn and get valuable information that just might save your life!
This event is sponsored by Women Healing Women in partnership with the Little 5 Points Center for Arts & Community (formerly Little 5 Points Community Center.

RESERVED YOUR SPOT WITH A $10 DONATION TODAY OR Make your donation on site.


Nathan J. Nowak
President, CEO
Professional Training Systems, Inc.
Trinity Fitness

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A Reaction to Ray & Janay Rice: Michelle Dowell-Vest

Michelle Dowell-Vest, Writer/Blogger

If you are like me, yesterday your morning social media blitz gave you the TMZ video of Ray Rice hitting his then fiancé,  now wife,  with a blow that not only crushed her face but his career and quite possibly her spirit.   I watched in horror as he picked her up, tried to remove her from the elevator, realize he didn’t know know what to do with her limp body only to drop her and close the elevator door.   A few minutes later the door opens again,  he drags her half way out then drops her in the door so that it works as a prop to keep the elevator door open.  He was met by a random man.   We can’t hear audio so it’s tough to know what was said or how he explained what looked like a dead woman hanging half way out of the elevator.  I would love to talk to that man.  I would like to know what he saw and thought at that moment.  Was he shocked?  Did he want to help?  Did he recognize Ray Rice as a Raven’s Running Back?  Because it didn’t seem like he was that concerned.

That image is burned into my mind.  Janay Rice.  Laying there, limp, her skirt almost above her waist, ignoring her modesty as if she were not worthy of it.  I admit I watched that video a few times…

Read the full article on Self-Care for Dynamic Women    (A program of Women Healing Women)

Michelle Alexander 
Founder, A Gurlz Guide *
* Serves on the board for Women Healing Women, Inc.
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October 6 – CONFRONTING “EVERYDAY” VIOLENCE…What do we do with the pain?

We are proud to have licensed clinical social worker and Soul Doula, Vanessa Jackson Joining us for this critical discussion on Confronting Everyday Violence. She will open up the conversation with a brief talk about power dynamics and power wounds…Where do the come from? How do we heal them? We, at Women Healing Women, believe that violence is an attack of the mind body and soul. Learning the ways in which it affects us on all levels, discovering how we survive & thrive against the odds, and identifying how to use our strength to empower others are indeed gateways to the restoration of power, individually and communally! Reclaim YOUR power and join us on October 6th. Nya Akoma!


Vanessa JacksonI am an activist with a passion for women’s health and community building. This interest led me to pursue a masters degree in social work with a focus on women’s issues and social and economic development at Washington University, George Warren Brown School of Social Work. Over the years, I embarked on my own spiritual journey which allowed me to honor many spiritual traditions and to be present for others who are trying to live spirit-centered lives in a world which does not always honor the spiritual life. As I negotiated the inevitable crises in my own life, I noticed that I found it most helpful and healing to take integrated approach that explored the emotional, intellectual, spiritual and community aspects of my “problems”. Over time, it made sense for me to offer this perspective to individuals and families who came to me for consultation. I sought additional training in reiki, energy healing, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), crystal healing and aromatherapy to add to my clinical training in family systems, narrative therapy and power dynamics. I was once asked about my “theoretical orientation” and my heart-centered response was “My theoretical orientation is magic. It is my goal to fully express the magic in me and to invite out the magic in you!”

Healing Circles, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia 30310


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OCTOBER EVENTS 2014: Domestic Violence Awareness Month

October is domestic violence awareness month. Join us for three great programs to create awareness toward the elimination of violence against women and girls. We look forward to seeing you at one of our events and thank you for your support!


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Board Recruitment: Be the change you want to see in the world 8/16

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Imani Evans interviews Personal Trainer Kwietha Bolden on TAKE BACK YOUR BODY 5/19

Great conversation and information for women on a health and wellness journey!

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“LOVE IS LOVE” Panel Discussion 5/3/12



May 3, 2012 @ 6:30pm in the cafe at the Little Five Points Community Center. Join us for this celebration of healthy LGBT relationships. We are proud to present a diverse panel of LGBT relationships in different stages of commitment to discuss what it takes to build a thriving, healthy relationship.  Ask questions, comment, and share what works! Women Healing Women is a non-profit supporting survivors of sexual and domestic violence.  We also provide community education in an effort to prevent IPV.  What better way to prevent IPV than to offer the ingredients to a successful, happy, healthy relationship in which violence is not an option?!  Finally…it is a celebration of LGBT couples making it work!

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Reflections Journal for Women Now Available

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