ONGOING GROUPS:  A circle of women who are survivors of violence.  The groups are designed to create safe space for women to journey through the healing process together, sharing ideas and education. (NEW GROUP STARTING EVERY 2nd AND 4th SUNDAY–BEGINNING JANUARY 6, 2013, 4:00pm to 5:30pm, Little 5 Points Community Center, Suite 108, 1083 Austin Avenue, Atlanta, GA 30307

LOVE DOESN’T HURT:  Love Doesn’t Hurt is a program that creates awareness about intimate partner violence.  We clarify and define the signs of emotional, verbal, and physical abuse.  Empower participants to identify abusive patterns in relationships, increase self-actualization, raise personal accountability to choose when to stay or leave, and share resources for participants who are in abusive relationships, and inform them on the appropriate ways to support friends and loved ones in abusive patterns.

TAKE BACK YOUR BODY WORKSHOP (TBYB):  TBYB is a full day presentation designed to empower survivors to heal the pain that is stored in our bodies as a result of trauma, loss, violence, and abuse of all types.  TBYB is committed to the recovery and restoration of peace, pleasure, and self-love to women’s bodies and subsequently their lives.

REFLECTIONS:  A workshop/project to empower women through creative expression and the written word.  It is a guided-autobiography project.

AKOMA BOOK CLUB:  Is a monthly book club held at Charis Books & More.  We are diverse and inclusive.  Join us if you are looking for camaraderie with like-minded women and lively conversation.  Most books selected for this group are self-empowerment and personal development centered.  AKOMA meets the third Saturday of every month. (NOT MEETING AT THIS TIME)

OUTREACH & EDUCATION:  Women Healing Women conducts monthly outreach efforts in collaboration with other public health and social services organizations, for the purpose of educating the community-at-large about sexual and domestic violence and its affects on our society.

–        We are dedicated to keeping an updated database of community resources that serve the highest good of women and their community.

–        We distribute a monthly electronic communication offering high-quality articles, resources and services for survivors, allies, and advocates.

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  1. Greetings! As a survivor of child abuse, I have written a biographic journal 10 years ago that I am ready to share. Would like to discuss further. SINCERELY, Joy Isoke

  2. kim says:

    hi I am interested in comming to your OnGoing Group, circle of Women Survivors.
    thank you

  3. admin says:

    Joy please contact me at 404.368.8827. I would love to learn more about your journal. Imani

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